Anybody who is in the market right now for a good Data Recovery high-end smartphone will be spoilt for choices. If you have bought an iPhone it is good for you to know that it may be slow with time. There are so many reasons why iPhone might be slower compared to the android.

iPhones do have a small amount of storage space, for instance, the current iPhones have memories form 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. After you have used the iPhone for long and you have installed a lot of apps, downloaded music and taken so many pictures, your iPhone may run out of memory. Due to this, the iPhone may be slow. On the hand, you will find that the android cannot run easily the storage space since you can use an internal storage in storing your music, picture and videos. 

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If you try to open so many applications at once on your iPhone you will realise that when you are trying to do any activity in your iPhone Youtube Data Recovery will be slow. You will realise that when you open an app after you have left it will still be loaded on the RAM of your iPhone. 

When the software in your iPhone needs to be updated, it will start to slow down. Whenever you will try to load it will take some time before it opens. While the Android software can still run faster even when they need to be updated. 

It is good that you leave some of the apps in your iPhone Data Recovery to still run in the background, for instance, leaving the messenger to run can alert you when you have received a new message. You cannot leave so many apps run in the background since some apps in your iPhone may make it be slow since they take a lot of memory. iPhone Motions and Animations do take a lot of Resources- In case you are running a lot of animation on your iPhone you will it will be slow in this operations. It is good that you close some of the animations if you wish it be faster.