Nowadays, hardware companies have adapted to sticking Data Recovery blinking lights on almost every device. Not only do they allow you to sync lighting profiles between devices but also enable you to integrate the lights into the games in your PC. 

Do you like to have RGB LEDs in your headset, keyboard, and mouse? Is customization your preference or do you prefer to work with what you have? If you do not mind paying some extra cash to get RGB LEDs installed in your devices, these modifications can be done for you. 

An upcoming zombie shooter integrated with the Corsair RGB SDK in the creation of Moving Hazard. The developers Data Recovery had programmed the lights in a manner that would easily show the available buttons. Abilities such as grenades are green until they are used up where they turn red, while the WASD are white. The number pad indicated damage as it notifies the player of the direction in which danger is coming from. 

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Similarly, Logitech has a Spectrum RGB lighting. This is the same case with Razer’s Chroma. A high-profile game is yet to be seen utilizing any of the features but is expected to be seen quite soon. However, this will be possible if only RGB game integration is a long-term thing that will not fade away any time soon. 

Some of the benefits of using RGB lighting in gaming includes having a key turn red when something is o cooldown, then how Youtube it is able to convert to green when ready to fire. This is applicable in a game such as League of Legends. On the flipside, gaming is sometimes a lot like typing in the sense that one must not always look at the keyboard while playing as your focus should be on the screen. Focusing on the keyboard will cause you to miss out on the game.