Unsurprisingly, technological developments in 2018 have been continuous and extraordinary. This beckons the average consumer to ask themselves, what about next year? More specifically, what Data Recovery companies should I be looking at in terms of technological growth? Well, if you’ve asked yourself either of those two questions, the following look into our future will leave you on the edge of your seat, and wishing that you had a time machine. 

Tesla is perhaps one of the leading technology creators of our time. With revolutionary advancements with life changing possibilities, the company has always been one to look out for. However, Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, recently dropped some hints over Twitter about what could be unveiled in the near future. This moves the companies stathus from a company to look out for, to one that should maintain the majority of our attention. The majority of the hints Elon Musk provided customers were pointing towards a new vehicle.

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Sony is perhaps one of the largest tech companies world wide. With new advancements every year, it’s not surprising that they made this list. In 2019, it’s expected that they will be releasing a new mobile device that’ll compete with Apple and other leading mobile device manufacturers. The Sony Xperia Curve. Featuring a beautiful design, curved glass and top of the line features but customers have been drooling in anticipation. Any competent person with any sort of common sense will have at least one eye glued to this company in the coming years. 

Clearly, the mega online shopping titan is one that basically everyone will be keeping an eye on for the next few years. Not just for their massive inventory, but for their new technological products. Every year they’ve come out with something new that can compete with all the other elite tech Facebook Data Recovery best companies all over the world. Just recently, Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, became the richest man in the world. With a net worth of nearly $150 million.