If it is working properly as you can see the red light is solid the blue light is blinking and you can Data Recovery actually hear the fan running okay , so now i’m gonna flip it over and as you can see i am on the desktop. it’s way easier for me just to record the screen of the laptop rather than just filming it with my phone the reason for that Data Recovery is because it’s easier for you guys to see exactly what i am clicking along the way so , i’m just going to connect the hard drive back to the laptop because it should come up and pop up on my screen almost instantly.

I can hear it running the lights are on so in a couple seconds it should come up on the screen as. it just did so if for you it doesn’t pop up right away and doesn’t pop up on its own there’s nothing to worry about yet. you’re going to want to if you’re still on the desktop screen nothing has happened just open up your files and make sure there is the e drive either here or on the side sometimes you manually have to go in to open it up sometimes it doesn’t automatically pop up like it just did on screen for me so i’m going to go back into.

It here so this is where you should be now once you open up the e drive and the hard drive should be coming up as the e drive. i don’t know if i just mentioned that a minute ago or not so you’re going to want to go and click users that’s where all of your personal Twitter data anything that you saved on your laptop is going to be stored everything else.

Data Recovery

That is on the e-drive is basically how it is formatted to whatever laptop you had so now you’re going to want to go and it should be the first one here whatever your dead laptop was names it should come up right here and that’s what you’re going to want to click now.

Before i click it i have already given myself permission to be able to view and basically take off anything that is on this hard drive , so whenever you click the name the first one here whatever your laptop is names it might prompt you saying you do not have permission to view this stuff nothing to worry about.

You’re just going to want to back out of that prompt and what you’re going to do is right click on the whatever one. you’re clicking whatever is the name of the folder that you’re going to be clicking you’re going to right click you’re going to go down to properties you’re going to go under security and you’re going to click down here.