Data retrieval is the process of accessing and retrieving information from digital media that is not accessible through standard means. This is a necessary service in a variety of situations, from user error and deletion to mechanical and physical damage to your storage device. If you are experiencing data loss, you should contact a certified data recovery company to restore your digital life.

Years of experience recovering Facebook data from all types of devices, hard drives, flash drives, and more. Our experienced engineers have seen every device failure scenario and boast an overall success rate of 96%. 

We invest heavily in our research and development to create and implement innovative data recovery methods for existing and emerging media on the market. This commitment to staying ahead of the curve in a competitive marketplace, plus our many certifications, makes us the most trusted data recovery service in the industry.

Our data recovery process is safe :

When you choose any of our data recovery services, the process begins when you send your media directly to our lab in Madrid.

After performing diagnostics on your media, our engineers will determine the price and estimated turnaround time for recovery on your device. If approved by the customer, our engineers will perform the recovery and charge no more than the agreed price, even if the recovery requires more work than anticipated.

If your device experiences data loss , turn it off immediately and then unplug its power source. Put the device in a safe place where it will not be bumped, broken, or get too hot or cold. Attempting to recover your files yourself will reduce your chances of a successful recovery. The first few moments after data loss are crucial, so be careful with your device and call a recovery professional.

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