Where it says advanced now in here as you can see it says owner and it will say system so a system means is it is programmed to only be used with the Data Recovery system aka the laptop that it was pulled out of you’re gonna want to go and change that so right here. where it’s blue you’re gonna want to hit change and this is what should come up for you so here.

You are gonna go and you’re gonna put whatever the laptop the working laptop that you’re using you’re gonna want to put its name in so my laptop i just named it take down now before you hit okay just go over and hit check names. If you typed it in correctly whatever your laptop name is it should come up kind of like this and change the name you’re going to want to hit ok and as you can see up here it is changed so you’re gonna go down to here and you’re gonna say okay.

You are gonna back out and then you’re gonna click into it now if whenever you go to click into it as you can see for me since i already changed the permissions before it’s already remembered that i already have those settings in effect but for you it might come up with the same prompts. you’re just going to click whatever it says on that prompt and it’s just going to basically check to make sure you have those permissions basically anything that you changed whenever you changed the name like you just seen me do on screen and click.

Data Recovery

It’s basically just going to apply those changes so once. it’s done loading it should open up right away if it doesn’t just go back into the screen like i did , so i’ll actually do it on screen for you guys here right click properties back under security back under Linkedin advanced and see. what it says near owner if it says system like it did prior to it prior to making changes go and try it again and hit ok and maybe it will work.

If not once you make the changes you can come down here and hit apply for me it’s worked every time for just hitting ok so once you have access to the hard drive you can go in and start transferring anything. That you want to recover over onto your laptop or if you have a flash drive plug it into that working laptop and you can just basically drag and click and put everything in to the flash drive.

So then you can go and transfer it onto a new laptop if you had to purchase one or whatever you want to do with your information , so for me the most important stuff that i always save on my laptop is either under documents downloads music pictures or videos now prior to me making this video. i already factory reset this laptop so everything was wiped off.