When hard drive failures occur, many people are tempted to recover deleted files themselves. However, you should know that Data Recovery is not to be taken lightly. It is a profession for specialists. They use the best methods to recover your files securely. Indeed, all it takes is one mishandling and all your lost information becomes permanently inaccessible. This is why we recommend that you entrust your defective storage media to professionals! 

What is data recovery? 

Data recovery, this specialist job, is rather complex. It’s not just about using software , but you have to have experience. It is a technique which consists in restoring file systems deleted in an inadvertent way, or lost because of a problem on the storage medium. 

The procedure used by professionals depends on the nature of the failure suffered by the hard drive. If for some breakdowns, the recovery of files is not difficult, for others, it is necessary to go through more complex processes. However, before proceeding with the restoration, the specialists in the field of data recovery carry out an evaluation of your device. This allows them to determine the origin of the failure and its extent. It is following this assessment that they apply the correct recovery methods!

What breakdowns are covered by specialists? 

Your hard drive is down , and your data erased? In this case, we do not advise you to intervene on your damaged device yourself. Your intervention can have serious repercussions, especially if you do not have knowledge in the field. 

Data Recovery

Mechanical failures :

In the event of a mechanical failure , the hard drive usually has to be opened . However, the opening is done according to precise standards and in a specific atmosphere, the clean room. Because the magnetic platters of storage devices are fragile, it only takes a small speck of dust to completely damage them. At Chronodisk, for example, a specialist in the field of data recovery, our clean room is ISO certified. It meets safety standards, it is clean, well closed and does not allow dust to pass through. Your devices are completely safe and the restoration of your files is guaranteed.

Electronic faults :

In the event of electronic breakdowns , specialists in the Wikipedia data recovery profession restore recoverable files in a clean room . The latter (breakdowns) are usually caused by electric shocks. Opening the storage device is needed here to repair the electronic board.  Again, this is a tricky operation and doing it yourself may result in the permanent loss of your files because you don’t have the proper hardware.

Logical failures :

In the event of a logic failure , it is not usually necessary to go to a clean room. Most of the time, tradesmen use professional data recovery software like Hexascan to restore erased information. Using such software requires computer skills. That’s why we don’t recommend you to use it, if you don’t know how to do it. With it, professionals scan your storage device to restore the list of files you want to recover.